Consideration to the

Approach to the wastewater treatment

Leather tanning process requires a lot of water that consideration to wastewater disposal is extremely important. HTC’s contracted tanneries strictly control their tanning process using advanced wastewater treatment facilities.

Approach to preserve ecosystem integrity

We only use the raw skins acquired by fair trade controlled by Washington Treaty.
In recent years, most of the skins for commercial use are farmed, however, we also pay attention to preservation of wild crocodiles by way of annual donation of fund to CSG (Crocodile Specialist Group), a member of IUCN.

Study and development of less harmful skins to the environment

The mainstream of crocodile leather tanning is the combination tanning using chromium (metal) and vegetable tannin.
The chrome tanning agent uses non-toxic trivalent chromium (III). However, the problem of chrome tanned leather is that when it is burned, we cannot eliminate the possibility of the trivalent chromium turn into toxic hexavalent chromium (VI) by heat or oxidization.
Although chrome tanning has a shortcoming, it is an excellent technique that gives leathers durability, softness and resilience. We are working hard to develop a non-chrome tanning method that can give just the same good quality to the leathers and deliver you safe and eco-friendly leathers.

*Nowadays, incineration technique has developed to the level that the municipalities began to dispose leathers as combustible waste.

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