Glazing finish

Glazing finish gives smooth and glossy shine like jewel to the surface of the leather. A typical finish of crocodile leather.
For glazing finish, protein-based finishing agent, such as casein, is applied to the grain side of dyed leather. Then machine-polish it with a roller with a piece of agate attached to its head and apply a strong pressure on the leather, which creates a magical mirror-like gloss on the surface.
e pay our utmost attention to keep the dust in the air off the leather and inspect them many times to make sure that the leather surface is free from dust.


Matte finish

Compared with the glazing finish, history of matte finishing is still young – more or less than 30 years. It was developed as tanning and farming techniques advanced. Skins are fat-liquored during the dyeing process, which can give softness with moderate tension the skins. Then skins are machine-polished with felt to develop a moderate shine on the surface.
Matte finished leather goods have soft texture and moderate shine, that they are good for both formal and casual occasions. You will enjoy nice effect by ageing such as deepening shade and patina as you use the product for years.


Nappa finish

Nappa finish pursues the softness to make skins suitable to be made into garments and gloves. To give extra softness to skins, normally more fat liquoring agent is used, but by doing so, skins get heavy. After so many times of experiments, we finally were successful in developing the ultimate Nappa finishing method that can give extra softness and fluffy texture to the skins without making them heavy. Enjoy the irresistibly nice and comfy touch of our Nappa finished leathers.


Clay finish

After dyed in a drum, skins are permeated with wax and applied a coat of fiber on the surface, then machine polished with felt head to generate a gentle shine for finishing.
Clay finished leather product feels wild and looks casual, and if you use it for a long time, you will enjoy a nice change of color/texture that only time can give.


Himalayan finish

It’s a beautiful way of finishing crocodile skins, which gives you an image of snow-capped Himalayan mountains. This finishing is relatively new.
Usually, a chrome-based tanning agent is used for crocodile skins. A chrome-based agent bears bluish shade that it is not suitable to make skins pure white. Therefore, we do not use it for Himalayan finish. Instead, we make use of the natural pattern of crocodile skins.
As we finish the skins without dyeing them, we need to select the right candidates carefully. We meticulously check raw skins not only for defects, but also for intensity and shade of colors as well as balance of the natural pattern. Only the skins with clean white in the center and balanced pattern on both sides are eligible for Himalayan finish.



We dye each piece of crocodile leather by hand using natural indigo dyestuff. One-time dyeing is not enough to fix the shade. As many times as we dye, the shade grows deeper. In order to achieve the beautiful and uniform blue on crocodile leather by the same traditional cloth dyeing method, we have made extensive researches and experimented so many times and finally we made a success. We dye each piece of crocodile leather carefully to your order and deliver it to you.

(Kindly understand that due to the nature of the work by hand, shade of blue may vary slightly depending on the season, temperature or humidity.)


Chrome-free leathers

Chrome tanning is a wonderful tanning method, but not suitable for finishing the leathers into pale colors or pastel colors, as it gives bluish tint to the skins. We are researching and developing a tanning method that does not use any chrome-based agent so that we can provide high quality chrome-free leathers.

  1. Chrome-free glazing finish
    “White Tanning” can give skins translucency with no trace of dark colors of the natural skins. And of course, it is eco-friendly.
  2. Vegetable tanning (chrome free)
    In place of chrome tanning agent, vegetable tannin is used to process the skins. Vegetable tanning is eco-friendly and finished skins can give change in color and texture as you use.

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