Privacy Policy

  1. We, Horiuchi Trading Co., are committed to treat and handle customer’s personal information most carefully in compliance with the Laws concerning the Protection of Personal Information and the Guidelines given by the industry’s Association.
  2. HTC will obtain and use personal information on customers (name, telephone/fax number, e-mail address, sex, date of birth, etc.) within the range necessary for commercial transactions.
  3. HTC shall ensure to take appropriate security management measures to prevent personal information on customers from unauthorized access, loss or leakage. And in the case of its occurrence, HTC will take an immediate corrective action.
  4. HTC shall store personal information on customers in most careful manners and will not disclose it to any third party except for the cases below.
    • a) In case of outsourcing delivery of goods or catalogues to a forwarding agent or a printing house
    • b) In case of outsourcing part of the handling of Personal Information on Customers to a system developer for the Computer system’s development.
    • c) Formal request of disclosure from the Civil Service based on legal ground.
    • d) Other cases, where necessary for HTC’s business transactions.
  5. HTC shall strive to maintain personal information on customers in accurate and updated form within the range of our requirement.
  6. In case a change is made on Laws concerning personal information on customers, HTC may amend above items accordingly.

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