What is Eco Leather?

The leather that satisfies a certain level of quality standard as a material tanned with eco-friendly agents and finished in eco-friendly method.

Life Cycle of Leather Products:
Collection of raw skins → Tanning & dyeing → Production→ Distribution
→ Consumption/Actual Use → Disposal → Recycl

To produce Eco Leather, a lot of attention from various points of view has to be paid in every stage of the life cycle above, such as;

  1. Make no waste
  2. Planned production
  3. Make no emission of ozone depleting substances
  4. Use no toxic tanning agent

Leathers produced in a method that satisfies all above points only are qualified to be called Eco Leather.

On top of the above, we, Horiuchi Trading Co., Ltd., only use the tanning agents that clear the Standard of Toxic Substance for Tanning. Moreover, we practice strictest control in every stage of the production to eliminate chances of a metal substances drained from our Eco Leather. We have confidence in our Eco Leather as a material that is safe to use.

Currently the industry is lobbying to add leather in the Eco Mark Products in Japan. If leather bags become one of the Eco Mark Products, we can attach a label saying "Material - Eco Leather" to them, which will make Eco Leather a popular material in near future.

Try our Eco Leather for your products.

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